S3E06 - Waiting on EdTech w/ The Tech Rabbi

On this week's episode we interview Michael Cohen, the Tech Rabbi. Michael is both a designer and an educator, as well as the author of the recent book Educated by Design, which outlines methods for bringing design thinking and creativity into the classroom - Michael is a big fan of creativity. Our conversation started from the recognition that the promise of technology in education has not always been the reality for students on the ground, but moved to consider the ways in which the democratization of education is being propelled by the students and teachers make real use of tech in the classroom. Nathan, Raven, and Sam debate the question: Has the impact of technology been slower in education than on other sectors of society? Join us and reddit, twitter, or instagram to continue the conversation! For more information about our guest, visit his website at www.thetechrabbi.com - you can also follow Michael on twitter: @TheTechRabbi .

S3E05 - Efficiency vs. Equity w/ Martin Oliver

Teachers are bring tech into the classroom more than every before, but if those tech tools aren't designed for the reality and context of all students - can they really be effective?

S3E04 - EdTech & Equity w/ Ann Kozma

What is it about a simple undo button that fills young students with confidence? How can technology support diverse methods of assessment and create space for everyone to have a voice? On this week's episode we discuss Flipgrid and the impact of technology on equity in education with Ann Kozma. Ann loves to encourage others to “push all the buttons” as they use Flipgrid to empower learners of all ages to share their voices and respect the diverse voices of others. She has spent 20+ years dedicated to transforming education as a 1st grade classroom teacher, as a K-8 Innovation & Instructional Support Teacher on Special Assignment in Southern California, and now as an Educator Innovation Lead on Team Flipgrid at Microsoft. Ann is passionate about helping others share, celebrate and showcase authentic voices in the classroom and beyond. Connect with her on social at @annkozma723.

S3E03 - Flipped Classrooms w/ Mandy Rice

Flipping your classroom means swapping the work typically done at home with the instruction typically done in the classroom. Teachers use videos to introduce content to students at home and then use the in-class time for asking questions, applying skills, and individualized instruction. In this episode, we discuss with classroom flipping expert Mandy Rice who is a classroom flipping expert with more than 10 years of experience. She has a teacher support business "Teach On A Mission" and her online course, Flipped Classroom Formula, where thousands of teachers have gone from the center of their classroom and exhausted every day to the ultra-effective guide-on-side who still has energy for their family when they leave work. Here is the link to a starter kit that listeners can grab for free: https://www.teachonamission.com/starterkit

S3E02 - Virtual Classrooms, virtual worlds

S3 Trailer - Educational Technology

Learning Machine is a podcast about the uncertain future of education, and this season, season three, is our EdTech season. We want to know how technology is transforming the classroom, for better - and for worse. Join us each episode for conversations with experts in the EdTech arena, from teachers, to researchers, to CEOs, and join us online to discuss our weekly debate topic.