S2E10 - CRT: A Year in Review (Season 2 Finale)

That's a wrap for season 2!... more info

S2E09 - Who creates equity in education? w/ Tanishia Williams

Who has more of an impact on equity, teachers, admins, Miguel Cardona?... more info

S2E08 - What is QuantCrit w/ Wendy Castillo

How do our biases shape the way that we think about numbers... more info

S2E07 - CRT and the Culture War w/ Freddie deBoer

If we won the fight around CRT, what would we be winning? This is the question Freddie deBoer asks... more info

S2E06 - Equality Not Sameness w/ Dr. Kathryn Paige Harden

Dr. Harden compares genetic differences to socioeconomic inequality and argues that her research is an anti-eugenic... more info

S2E05 - Emracing CRT in the Classroom w/ David Rosas

What does it mean to be a teacher who embraces CRT to create an inclusive classroom... more info

S2E04 - Is fear over CRT stopping the conversation about racism? w/ Jania Hoover

Dr. Jania Hoover is an educator and teacher coach with over 16 years of classroom experience. As an expert on social studies education... more info

S2E03 - What's really going on with CRT in schools? w/ Jazmyne Owens and Elena Silva

There’s a lot of talk about Critical Race Theory and Education in the media these days, but what’s really going on with CRT in schools? more info

S2E02 - Are teachers learning CRT? w/ Dr. Amy Samuels

Should teachers be required to study Critical Race Theory as part of their training? At this point, the teaching workforce is still predominantly white and female... more info

S2E01 - What is CRT doing in a nice field like Education? w/ Professor Janel George

Professor Janel George, Director of the Racial Equity in Education Law and Policy Clinic at Georgetown University speaks on the history of Critical Race Theory... more info

Season 2 Trailer: What is CRT and Why It Matters Now More than Ever

In Season 2 we are talking about Critical Race Theory, also known as CRT - what it is and why it has become so politicized... more info